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I have a 1 year old 2012 carbon pro with zero Off on my own lake,the zero Off module quit 2 weeks ago, centurion says please be patient sir we are looking into it! Zero Off after leaving messages and e mails no response !Preadator bay water ski club in galgary has been flooded out, we have been floode as well but still skiing (free driving is hard after having speed control for so ) I am offering ski sets to Preadator members and I have a 4 day ski clinic featuring Karina Nowlan coming up, could somebody tell me how or who I could talk to to get a Zero Off module! I will pay for it and pay shipping plus bestow presents of ski sets camping in the Canadian Rockies and gourme kicking horse coffee to anybody who can help me thanks in advance Ron Smith. Email heating@telus.net. Cell phone 250-342-5939,
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