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Open Letter to h2odawg79


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Water Skiing is a ridiculously technical sport. Higher ball count almost always means more experience and knowledge. When someone has a score at or above my level, I always stop to listen to what they think. Occasionally someone with a lower ball count will have a lot of insight into my skiing but this is the result of them being a student of the sport and listening first. When someone like Matt or Marcus Brown speaks I may not always understand but you better believe that I try my best to get my head around what they said.


This site was started for because I had questions and wanted the smart guys to help me and each other. If you are not open to listen and you will not seriously consider that your current ideas could be wrong your contribution has no value.


When the majority of Ballers say that they do not see value in something and you disregard their opinion and ramble on about it, you are wasting all of our time. When skiers with scores at 38, 39 and beyond state that an idea does not make sense and but you disregard it you are simply a distraction.


Not all the Ballers listen to me and that is fine. A few Ballers know a hell of a lot more than I do and that is the way I want it. Most of the Ballers come there to exchange ideas and or learn.


When you wrote this was officially the last straw:

“Again, what Pro Shortliners are doing and what they are TEACHING, can be 2 different things. Not to mention, THE BIGGEST DIFFERENTIAL MAY BE GOOD SKIERS DO NOT NECESSARILY MAKE GOOD COACHES...”


You are basically saying they don’t know what they are talking about or are liars. Nice that you used the word PRO so you were not calling me and most of the Ballers lairs but really that is what I got from it.


As far as I can tell you are not listening to anyone and are basically just a distraction so I am going to have to ask that you move along.


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