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Special unboxing today for my Sienna!!!!

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I was wondering how long it would take till i got the "why not RadaR" comment!

Yeah @Garn i wanted to get her on the new Strada but i could not pass up this deal on a new never used demo off of ski-it-again.

As soon as she stops growing she will likely be riding RadaR.

She will prob need another ski by next season if she keeps growing at this rate?

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  • Baller_
So Cool. Well then, our daughters have something in common- same ski-. I'll quote my daughter after asking what she thought of the ski after ride one.."... better then that Goode you had me try" Hoping for great things. Elaine was great to work with. Highly recommend purchasing from her. Best of luck to Sienna. !! Update us on her impressions of the ski.
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