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Great Wallpaper


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I've had it as my laptop background since it was first shown. I've gotten lots of comments like "how cool…what is it?" When they hear its a time lapse with a flare on the back of a slalom skier they say "WAY COOL!!" I love it!!
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  • Baller_

My friend captured this stunner.....it's now my desktop photo.


Spoke with Bill Doster at Soaked regarding flare photo. That one took a ton of work over several days to get right. Lots of different flare choices and ways to mount were tried.


These photographers work tirelessly to get THE shot. I've been lucky enough to have been on and part of many. They are dedicated individuals with a dive and pasion like no other. We are lucky to have them in the industry. If for nothing else, it's worth having WaterSki Mag subscription just for these amazing shots.



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