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Heading to Tampa FL in a couple weeks. Where to ski?


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Taking a big family vacation to Tampa from April 13th to April 20th.


The wife and I want to ski for a day (maybe 2). Should we hit up McCormicks? We won't be taking our own skis because we're flying and I'd rather not hassle with it all. I'm pretty sure McCormicks has gear to use according to the website.


Anyone have other suggestions for places to ski nearby?

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@JackSunsetLakes We do plan on visiting you guys sometime! It's just a little too far from where we will be staying.


@liquid d , Too far away as well. I'm a pretty big golfer but I don't think it's going to fit into our vacation. Sorry but thanks for the invite!


McCormicks it is! Planning on getting some lessons. This will be our FIRST ski of the season. Oh well, it will still be fun!

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