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BallOfScores Android 1.0


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Alright ballers for those of you who do not read the front page the time has finally come. You can read the full release at ballofspray.com

@Phil2360 @ToddL @ScotChipman @Triplett @EleeSki @skier2788 @clemsondave


The Android version has been in high demand since the app’s creation on the iOS platform. BallOfScores for Android is available in Google Play and at the Amazon App Store. The app currently offers the live feed which displays scores streaming in from the events. Other features present in the iOS version will be sent out in updates as they become fully functional within the Android platform. You can DONATE to the cause. If you find any issues with the app feel free to let me know.

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When I go to the Play Store on my phone:-


1. It's not Listed on the My Apps Page, the apk I installed that is.

2. If I search for it, it comes up as installed & I only have the option to Open or Uninstall.


Will try removing the apk installed version.

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Uninstalling the apk changed things a bit.


Still couldn't install it from the Play Store on my laptop but

could now install it from the Phone itself.


Also noticed that yor DONATE link returns an error on a PayPal page.

Don't know if the 2 are related @MattP

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