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Wakeye camera mount review


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The Wakeye camera mount is in my opinion the Cadillac of camera mounts. The build quality of the carbon fiber and aluminum mount far exceeds expectations. The system accommodates GoPro, iPhones and traditional video cameras. For more details see http://www.wakeye.com/


All I really care about is what does the video look like? Below is some footage I shot yesterday. I think the quality of the video is excellent. My skiing could use some work.


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I've done a comparison with the Ski Doc. I will do a final review with that product in a week. There is also the EZ Cam
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The Trakker 4 seems worthy of inclusion in a comparison. It's a tried and true product that is easy to mount on the top three pylons and has excellent damping. It has tighter tracking than any of the "tube over pylon" mounts which allows for a lot more zoom, and it doesn't have the buzzing harmonics inherent to the Wakeye's carbon chassis. I've seen popped handles bend the Trakker's tracking arm severely but it's easily bent back into position. A shattered carbon tracking mechanism would send the fun meter plunging.
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Don't have any experience with these camera mounts but it would appear to me that some built in dampening would be benifitial to smooth out the picture as the slight bit of slack is being taken up coming out of the turn.
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Thanks Horton

I have contacted them.

Wakeye with I-Phone and regular knob fittings are approx 310 incl shipping and small tax to US.

This is a bit on the expensive side but I only live once and can share this with a friend.

(Shipping was approx 27 USD in case some Baller wants one).

My friend from Dallas will ask someone to bring it over to me.

I hope to get it in time for first training coached session in June.


Gd night!


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Morning Horton


Yes of course I will if you think that would add value!


My friend order from NZ to Dallas (1-2 weeks)

Then send it with next Ericsson friend that go to Stockholm and have space in the luggage 0-5 weeks more.

Then I have to wait for the ice at the club to disappear and water to warm up slightly lets say May 10th best case.

We will for sure use the Wakeye for a coaching session in Italy June 5th -10th.


After this I can try to provide an additional '15 off review' =0)


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I talked to Wakeye last week about their progress in modification for adding a Shocktube...They said they were testing it at a Tournament this weekend and would get back to me with the results. I plan to order one as soon as they work that out.
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Small review as promised after some played around with our Wakeye.

I ordered the generic mount threded knob and also the I Phone 5 mount.



Great and fast shipment.

State of the art product.

Create very stable films.

Camera holder (foot to sky angle) could benefit from a bit more friction.

Smart phone holder too phone product specific.

One will replace phones way more often than getting new holders.

Also the holders are a bit expensive in the long run compared to a real nice cam cam coorder.


I would highly recommend this to all skiers.




Small production series with a lot of machined (miter) parts.

Easiy to adjust fitting to the pylon.

Just add suitable rubber pices thickness (included, with tape)

The rotatation head is very precise.

The arm slides fairly easily into the bottom of the rotation head.

Maybe a bit hard spring function for the release.

The wings that holds the rope is also carbon fiber.

Maybe a small risk of rope wear and tear.


The smart phone holders are also mitered out of a solid pice of very durable plastic.

Again the guy who designed and programed the machine knows his job.

Even the tiny small tracks from the miter is layed out in a beatiful pattern.

Super airspace quality.



Mounting is very fast and simple.

Changing ropes are also no problems.

The instruction tells you to open using the spring.

It is faster just to stick the rope throug the holder.


Mounting the camera is fast.

However it takes some time to adjust to proper zoom and proper sky - feet angle.

One must also not use full zoom in at the turns.

Especially for less skilled long line skiers that get slack in the turns.

Most filming with a regular Sony HD cam corder type two years old.

Correctly adjusted the films are great.


One has to pull the screw very hard to keep the camera still throug out a full set.

It tend to only film the sky after a few passes.

This became better after a few uses.

Maybe there was some lubrication - cooling fluid left.




Sorry for Language errors.

Not English speeking using phone witout spell checker.


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digging up an old thread..

has anyone else had more experience with the wakeye?

I am considering using one for boat footage for upcoming RC tournaments. Anyone know of one being used for multiple rounds in a day? any issues with it staying tight for an extended period? pros? cons?


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@gsm_peter For more vertical friction, tighten the camera to the mount using a Philips screwdriver and crank it up a as tight as you can. It's impossible to get it tight enough for even the smallest handle-pop using just the thumb screw. I've been making mine extremely tight for a couple of years now and haven't broken or stripped anything yet.
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Thanks for the advice. Will try this.


Btw. I think I have a film of a full 10 minutes set on my pc if it help evaluate the cam mount.

It might take some time to upload the clip.

UNFORTUNATELY it is only me at the end of the rope.

This would then be poor skiing at 15off@28, 30 and maybe my first try on 32.

And 10 minutes with me is most likely very boring!!



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