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Baller Head 2 Head Scoring sheet (Beta)


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Attached is a Beta version of a spread sheet for scoring a 3 round slalom tournament with a handicapped Head-2-Head.

None of the fields are password protected but all cells all formulas are protected. If you know how to unprotect – knock yourself out.


All input areas are light blue.


Nothing is hidden yet. When I am sure there are not any stupid errors I will hide all the lookup tables and intermediate calculations.



How to use it:


In the tab called “Input” enter the skier name, division, handicap, final line length per round and score per round.


This sheet delivers: ball count (Result), score minus handicap (Delta),High Score per skier (Max), and Average score per skier (Ave)


If your event takes the 8 highest single handicapped scores to the Head 2 Head go to the tab “H2H Max”. This sheet ranks the skiers by high score.


If your event takes the 8 highest average scores to the Head 2 Head go to the tag “H2H AVE”. This sheet ranks the skiers by average score.


Once the brackets are set set go to the tab “Input for H2H w Handicap”.


This tab delivers basically the same data as “Input” with a few extras. If the first skier of the round has a score and the second skier’s score is set to “0” the column “Needed to tie” will show what the second skier needs to get. After each time both skiers make a pass the second skier has to be reset to “0”. It is confusing but I know what I mean.


So this is Beta. If it seems to work I will expand for more skiers and a bigger H-2-H. Comments?


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Not bad for a rookie Horton, but I could have saved you a lot of time! hahaha See attached spreadsheet.


The "Slalom Input" tab is where you enter your scores and the "Head-to-Head" tab is where you fill out the brackets. Just type in the name of the winner in the brackets and it automatically updates their average for that round and their score.


This spreadsheet has been used for a dozen plus different Buckeye Buoy Tour formats. We get a big screen TV and display the brackets live throughout the day so people always know where they stand. This spreadsheet is for a true head-to-head from round 1 on, but I have lots of variations for different formats. If anyone is interested in putting on one of these fun format tournaments just give me a shout and I'll be happy to get you what you need and walk you through the spreadsheet. At some point I do have visions of updating it so it's very user friendly because more and more people across the country are using it. gk at rounding6.com

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@GK when you called me a "Rookie" I expected to see a lot of VBA. If this is a contest I guess .... No time for that.


Good to see I am not the only person on earth that lives by nested IFs and Vlookups

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