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Looking for a new ski


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Ok I am going to be getting a new ski this year. I am 48 yrs old running 34 mph and will consistently run into 28 off and can get inot 32 off on a good day. I am currently on a KD7000 with the brake removed. I ahve skied this ski for 14 or 15 years. I am looking to get something new with boots even though they scare me a bit and have not researched them as of yet. I ma torn between the HO S2 and the A3 as the front runners. I am a neutral to front skier as I grew up sking skis that you really needed to stomp on the front to slow down. That is why I have pulled the brake off of the fin on the KD it just stopped to fast and threw me out of position. The thing on the S2 that concerns me is that they made no changes to it but the A3 is a totally new ski and I am guessing that the S2 will get a makeover next year and I will be disapointed with not waiting.
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