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Radar Senate C vs HO Superlite X


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Hello guys, i`m from Brazil and i`m ordering a new slalom asap!

A friend of mine bought a HO S2, and i was impressed by the way skis have changed! I used to ride on a conelly F3!

I want to buy a new ski for me, my options are Senate C or HO Superlite X. What i liked most on the S2 is the effortless on riding. I dont know if is becouse of the step botton or all the other skis are like this (effortless) to ride. I just think the S2 is a little too fast for me, too much price and too much ski overal!!

What are your opinion, between this 2 skis?


I`m 5 foot 9


170 pound


Ride at 33mph, 34mph tops


Dont ride at course, since we dont have one!!!


Please need help!!!


Thank U


Sorry for the english



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The HO is faster and if you were chasing balls has a higher potential.

The Radar is a little more stable and forgiving.

Both are really great skis. You will be happy with either.


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