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My progression last season (video)


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Most of you are well aware that I'm new to the sport. Learned how to ski in 2011, first time on a course in 2012, etc....


Found a video from one of my first "runs" this past season. Then I thought I would compare it to the very last video taken of the season....


The 1st video is from June, 10th. The 2nd video (on the course) was taken October 25th.


I'm sure some of you learned much quicker, but for me in took a lot of time on the water to progress over those 4 months. I learned some VITAL information on BOS forum that helped me get more confident behind a boat. Enjoy (but don't laugh!)







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@aswinter05, Awesome!


If I were you, I probably would steer away from some of the other ski sites. Especially the ones with beginner problems and beginner advice from beginners. Trust me, there are MANY skiers on one such site that haven't made as much progress in the last 4 YEARS as you did in 4 Months.


I guess it's a case of: if you want to be a Millionaire, hang around with Millionaires or if you want to be a Shortliner, hang around with Shortliners.


It's hard to soar with the Eagles...... -well, you know the rest!


All the Best to you in '13!



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Now waterdawg, not sure if that was a shot across the bow but I felt a breeze. No question that BOS is The King, but there are other very good sites out there, fifteenoff. com being right near the top. There is many a shortliner that checks in, including many pros, The Professor and blackdog dole out some of the best advice one can find North of the equator, and Joel does a very nice job of keeping the peace and keeping it clean. You would be right, some sites are not worth visiting twice, but fifteenoff.com ain't one of them. Make sure the check is in the mail, Joel.
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@lhoover, Everyone needs to find a place where they feel welcome. A place where they can Give as well as Get. "Some" sights work well for "some".


Personally, I Like the fact that Horton (the site owner) is a Real Skier, (with Real Hair ;-D) passionate about growing the Sport and who on occassion can dole out a bit of credible info. if he so chooses! and Thankfully is not a stick in the mud I.T. geek... -Some other sites; not so much.


Bud (site owner) at All6 is also a Real Skier and very passionate about the Sport.


It's all Good!

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