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Have YOUR photo featured on the new EZ-Slalom.com website!


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Have YOUR photo featured on the new EZ-Slalom.com website!


Its 2013 boys and girls and EZ-Slalom is about to overhaul its online presence. Over the years ez-slalom.com has become a great source of portable and permanent slalom course information, and Ed (owner) has continued to be a great advocate & representative for our sport and slalom courses around the world. In addition he's a valuable contributing member of the Ball of Spray community.


Unique people and personalities are what makes our sport so great and Ed & EZ-Slalom would like to give an opportunity to showcase the diversity & unique styling that goes with the sport of waterskiing by opening up photography submissions for the new site to all Ballers.


EZ-Slalom is seeking photos of slalom skiers, slalom courses, breathtaking lake & boating scenery, boat docks, starting docks or even shots from your local ski tournaments! So dig up your best photos and email them to ballerphotos@ez-slalom.com. We'll be reviewing all submissions and selecting the best ones to be featured in the new ez-slalom.com launching this spring!


When selecting your submissions please follow these guidelines.

• submit ONLY photos you own (please no submissions taken by tournament sponsored photographers i.e. regional/national purchased photos)

• the skier featured in the photo needs to of yourself. If the photo features another skier, please have them submit the photo

• submissions files will only be accepted in the form of jpg, tif, pdf, png, or camera raw and must be at least 1000px wide and a minumum of 72DPI.

• if your photos are too large to email, you have the option of zip file or send us a link to each photo to wish to submit on photobucket/imageshack/flickr/facebook, etc. Please keep your submissions under 2mb each when emailing

• no nudity, inappropriate, or otherwise distasteful photos will be considered

• submissions only accepted through the month of February (submission ends Feb 28th, 2013 11:59pm CST)


Disclaimer: Please note that any/all photos submitted become the property of EZ-Slalom, and that by your submission, you warrant that (i) the picture is your original work and will not violate the rights of any third party, and (ii) you have obtained all releases and permissions necessary for our use. (iii) Your submission also permits EZ-Slalom to use of the picture on our website, and in any of our promotional materials for an unspecified period of time.

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