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Quick "LIKE" Could Help Us Get $300!


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Fellow swervers,


As part of the Miami Universtiy Water Ski Team, we have a wonderful opportunity to help us fund raise for our team. By simply "liking" the picture below, you can help us get the most likes out of all club teams at Miami. This will greatly help us raise the money needed for gas, boat loan, tournament dues, equipment, etc.


Thank you for your time and help and PLEASE SHARE the link to help us reach our goal!



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Hey Everyone, thanks for all the help so far. The contest ends tomorrow and we are currently in second place. If you haven't already...please go to our picture and like it! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151202283135064&set=a.10151202154735064.441282.183249135063&type=1&theater


And if you have a few seconds to spare, maybe share it with some friends!


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