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Goode Web site ?


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Oh yeah. In the old days, you look up your AMP on the chart, then look for the skis that that have your corresponding AMP.


Now, there is an AMP chart for the 9800x only. The Nano and Nano One only has length and shape, desired soft or medium flex, and speed.


I suppose there are many variable in regards to your question on 62" and 64". Those being boat speed, and line length primarily.


I happen to fine in my archive files that based on AMP and Flex pattern:


For 9800/9900 (traditional)

Length Soft Medium Firm

------ ---- ------- ----

62.00" 80AMP 90AMP ---

64.25" 105AMP 125AMP 127AMP


Based on the AMP chart:

62.00" = 60 to 110 lbs

64.25" = 100 to 140lbs


So, the range depends on soft vs medium flex.


The missing piece of the puzzle on the Goode site is the Flex Pattern Chart.


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The brilliant thing about that old system was that no one really knew what they were on! I have always figured Goodes were faster because they are actually longer than other manufacturers skis (measured differently) and the flexes were softer so they turned well but who knew? What the heck is an amp?.
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