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How BOS Now Drives the Economy!


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  • Baller

Think BOS isn't evolving into a driving force in our economy?? Some recent purchases due to information/suggestions I've found on BOS -


- A Band-It golfers (skiers) elbow brace

- one Thera-Band Flex Bar, blue, heavy resistance

- a book on Bikram Yoga from Amazon. Used to do Hatha Yoga half a lifetime ago, intested to see what the differences are. It will be interesting trying to explain to the wife why I have to crank the furnace up to 105 degrees...


That's just the most recent stuff. Lots more over the years, wouldn't even know where to start. The instutionalized knowledge on this site is such a huge resource.


Happy Holidays Y'all!

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I second @Ed Obermeier point. I bought these after hearing good feed back on BOS;


The One and assorted Goode Logo stuff

Slot caliper

Neo beanies

PTM mirror

ArmGuards (several for family and friends)

US Gear magic loop rope with Spectra

Lots of Camaro gear

Eagle vests (4 or 5 for family and friends)

Goode Bubble Buoys (2 sets)

Star Gazer (On ZO now and like it much better)

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  • Baller

I've been looking for a good way to bring up what BallOfSpray has done for me and this is as good a time as any I suppose.


Because of BOS: (In the first season or two that I really began paying attention)

I have been able to modify an old 1977 Ski Nautique for better Performance/Wake (I made a Wake Plate)

I chose to buy an HO A1 based upon reviews here

I bought an Acme Prop based upon reviews here

BOS helped me to recover my ankle after the inevitable OTF while wearing HO Phantom boots

I chose to buy HO EXO boots based on reviews here

Bought my first pair of Masterline ProLocks because of this site.


Because Of BOS: (present)

Bought a Supra Comp TS6M because of reviews here

Bought a Strada55 (Never would have known about them if not for BallOfSpray)

Bought an Obrien Elite Quattro based on pics posted and reviews

Found out from another member where a sneaky ski course was hiding and bought a cabin at that lake!!! Thanks @Sherwood!!!

Bought the wife a Sixam

Bought the wife an RS1 Boot

I built a floating dock (your welcome Lowes)

Renovated the Cabin (thanks ReBuild-It Store!)

Bought USGear Handle based on reviews here

Bought a PTM Edge Mirror

Bought a Coefficient X SL

Currently building my fixed dock


This list goes on and on. Soon enough I will be thanking BOS for inadvertently helping me get a house Über close to my Lake. There have been other members of my family who have spent loads of dough on new skis, boots, and RTP's, because of the newfound access to a course within a reasonable proximity to their houses.


If it was @Horton's intention to grow the sport through the invention of this forum....WOW. I cannot imagine it's true overall success! I'll be enjoying the chance to compete in my first tournament in 2013 as well!


I'll be thinking of more.


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  • Baller

Last two years from information on this site:


Ez-slalom course - new

Used Strada

New D3 x7

T-factor boots

Camaro Vest

Eagle vest

Floating Sunglasses

Neal Pryde wetsuit

Barefoot international drysuit

Neoprene beanie

41 Tail gloves

Kevlar glove liners

US gear handle

Masterline training rope with extra cuts

Handle guard

Trakker camera mount

Bathing suits made of flexible material

99 Malibu Response

Used Rowing machine


I know there's more just can't remember. I'll be looking at new ski reviews this spring! Thinking about one of those flex bars for the elbow.

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