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I found it!


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Every year when I sink my course on the public lake I tie three buoys and a brick to one end, mark it with GPS and then sink it. We skated our entire lake yesterday (750 acres). The slalom course is about a mile from my house as the crow flies. I had approximate landmark coordinates and look, I found it! Sad really.
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Sounds like "Ski-O-Caching".


We lost a marker buoy off our Cylinder Head, (alternate anchor) last week.

Searched in the GPS proximity for 15 minutes in 6 feet of water with no luck.


10 minutes later we hit the foam buoy that was 2 foot under the surface with the prop

& a big lump of the foam floated up & we could then see the white part where the

chunk was missing.


Merry Christmas All!

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