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Getting Back in the Groove?


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Best approach when you've been hung out for a few seasons.


Coming back from deep 28' offs about 5 years back.

Trying to getting back on top of strength & fitness,

but just so rusty & endurance is pretty ordinary ATM.


What's the best approach, go way back in speed etc, or use the

by accident approach I've saw several years back.


Generally always been a weekend only skier, but we seem to be getting

the odd extra week day out at the moment, so potentially getting 3 days a week on the water.


Can put it all together almost perfectly in places, yet make the

simplest of mistakes & turn it all upside down.


Very frustrating.








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@Phil2360. (This advice is for fitness only...the better skiers will give you ski advice) This may sound weird, and I am by no means elite, but a great exercise for getting into shape is deep water starts after I do my daily workouts. I go to the lake and then deep water start over and over and over. The most I have done is 22, and this is after I have already gone to the gym. I like it because it works out your core like crazy and uses almost every muscle group in your body! I am also doing the Insanity Workout too. I will say one thing, my forearms and hands are getting strong as hell!
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When I got back into skiing after about 17 years off I slowed the boat down to 32 mph at 15 off and ran a bunch of passes there for a couple of weeks then bumped the speed up to 34 mph and ran some for another week or so then moved to 22 off. Once I ran 22 I shortened to 28 off again.
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Hey Phil,


Don't be afraid to open water ski... It's often better to get your fundamentals and fitness sorted first, then you won't be so far off when you tackle the course.

Remember I have a course down here, if you feel like a trip to the South Coast!

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I like to open water ski a lot in the spring, just go until can barely stand up. Just bought a nice rowing machine, my lower back been feeling better and better with the rowing. I'm going to concentrate on legs and strengthening my back and core in general this off season.
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@richarddoane, about 3 of 4 passes is where I'm throwing it at the moment.

That's the point where I feel fatigue is only going to promote bad things at this

point in time.


Mentally blocking what you can do, but can't do now seems an important issue.

Most mistakes are steming from that, & overdoing something.


@Ryno, haven't been for a free ski yet this year. Extra bit of a drive to that lake &

with the weather we've had it can easily run a 4 foot chop.


You can often find good water, but can be difficult getting there & back.


Skiied 3 back to back 30mph's on Thursday, seems too slow & unresponsive

& like a nothing run when it's in the back of your mind that a couple of seasons back

you'd start at 22off & ski it on anyones ski just to try it out, regardless of conditions.


That was mid season when getting out twice a week.


Just more practice I guess.


Objective here.......

Run 28 off before 50!


Need to be running it this time next year!.



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