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How to setup a donation fund?


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I know way off topic here but don't know where else to ask. Since I have seen a few guys set these up on here I thought I would ask.


Here is a letter I wrote to local radio stations explaining the situation. They did not grant the wish, so I was hopig to set up a fund for him to help him out.


Dear KRXQ,


My name is Rod Luppi an owner of Cassarino Granite & Marble in Loomis . I am writing to you regarding our long time and faithful employee of 12 years , Magdaleno.


Magdaleno’s both daughters were diagnosed with cancer. His 9 y/o with brain tumors, about 2 years ago, and his 7 y/o with leukemia, about a year ago.


Last Thursday, Magdeleno asked to speak to me regarding his situation. He told me that the older daughter has been sent home and that the doctors can no longer do anything more for her. He asked if it was okay for him to stop working indefinitely so that he could spend time with his daughter . Of course I told them that it was more than okay and that he would have a job when and if he wished to return.


We really wanted to do something special for him and his family, but as a small business struggling in a bad economy, there isn’t much we can do other than thoughts and prayers.


As a long time loyal listener, I heard about the 27 days of xmas and my plan was to write to you for help. I was thinking about asking for a trip to Disneyland so that his daughter could experience it at least once before her time came. Unfortunately , she passed away on Monday and this letter is now too late.


However , I still would like to do something for Magdaleno and his family. His remaining daughter is also very sick and I assume they are not doing well financially since he has had to miss a lot of work.


I would like to still ask of KRXQ to grant this family a wish. If not a trip Disneyland maybe something else or some cash ($300) to help with the some bills.


If a wish cannot be granted, I hope to at least maybe raise some awareness for Cancer research, Although I did not know his daughter, this has affected me greatly. Over the last few years I have lost an aunt, 2 college friends and recently my brother in law to cancer. I wish there more I could do, at least writing this letter may be a step in the right direction.


Thank you for the consideration,

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@rodltg2 I have had a lot of experience in this area. The one thing you need to realize is that most people and especially companies don't care about anything other than their concerns or their employees. (i.e. you in regards to your employee) And most of the time they donate to look charitable, it is solely to make them look better and hence to increase their bottom line.


It is important to not judge companies or individuals for this behavior, because there is tragedy and heartache all over the place and despite what people say, they rarely do. A great example is when someone posts on Facebook that so and so is struggling and needs prayers. EVERYONE gets on there and says they will pray and blah blah blah. You would be surprised at how few people actually say a prayer for that person, but rather, they give lip service and then go on about their lives. There is a great quote that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Another example is a shoe company that says for every shoe you purchase, they will donate a shoe to a person in need. What they don't tell you is the "extra" shoe is a very cheap version of what they are selling you and the entire cost is built into the price you are paying for your shoes. Great concept and fantastic that the company is doing anything, but don't think they are doing anything but increasing their profit. Business is shrewd and difficult and hard.


The other difficult thing is that businesses are getting hit up constantly for every tragedy imaginable. I work with a lot of women and I can tell you that I get a DAILY request to help this person or donate to that cause or to hire blah blah blah. the list never ends.


With that being said, if you want this local radio station to help your employee out, you have to appeal to how helping them out will increase their bottom line. Maybe pay for a remote and offer to do a give away and have the station match the donations. Maybe you could start an advertising campaign and hold out the carrot that you will only do it if they pony up for a trip or something. You could also get with other business owners and do a joint give away, making sure that the other business owners will see how this will benefit THEM. You could also go to your customers and offer them a "discount" on the product they purchase if they donate, or that you will take a portion of the proceeds from each sale go to a charitable cause.


You can definitely help your employee out if you go about it the right way. Sorry to be callous, but this is the way of the world--unfortunate, but a reality.


I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the advice, and I started to realize how it works when I started listening more carefully to those who's wishes are granted . Basically the wishes are being granted to those ask for things that the stations advertisers can donate. ie, Sleep Train. Alot pf beds are being givin away. With that said, I dont plan to pursue the radio station. I simply want to set up a fund that friends, family and co workers can donate some cash.
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