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PP with switch and ZO


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I used KX- PX10 and ran my baselines down so my weight was 100# more than real. My transition to ZO was easy and I use C3. My PP boat is an 04 MC.


I have heard other settings work as well. Having a working switch is most critical. When the switch closes, you get hammered. When ZO's accelerometers feel something, you get hammered. My back is liking the Goode vest with all this hammering!



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Kx - ='s a slight delay which I think is like the ZO A setting.

Kx N ='s Normal, more like the B setting

Kx + or ++ quickens the throttle response which I think is more like the C setting

Px adds a % of skier weight to the rpm's, which kinda works like the 123 settings in ZO


Remember, ZO only hits you as hard as you hit it. If you are light on the line and ski efficiently, ZO hardly does anything. Conversely, if you bury your shoulder and load the line hard, you get hit equally hard by ZO.

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I ski C1 an pretty universally liked Kx at ++, Px at 20 and lied about my weight for my opener at 200lbs (I'm a bit over 220 really). Always sounded like the Titanic was going down every time at the end of the lake. Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep... Maybe if I skied smoother....
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My understanding of Px is that what you put in is the percentage of your skier weight PP adds in RPM. So in my case at Px=20 and 200lbs it adds 40rpm when I hit the switch.


Might be wrong on this but also understand PP has a three speed servo though so not sure how accruate that might be, if it really has time to be that precise. Higher numbers seem to make ti spin up quicker.

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@Wish This is my understanding of how PP works and how I would compare it to ZO.


Kx setting controls the response time, Px controls the amount of response.


Px settings add a % of the inputted skier weight. 5%, 10% and 15%.


Example, if you put skier weight in at 100 pounds and you select Px 5, it would be like adding 5% to your weight but in RPM. So lets say hypothetically that 100 pounds equals 100 RPM addition over baseline, then Px5 would add an additional 5 RPM, Px10 adds 10 RPM and Px15 adds 15 RPM. So if the skier weight inputted is 200 pounds, you would double these numbers.


This happens when the switch is activated during the load. Just like ZO, it is a response to the skier loading the rope. Again, the Kx is the response time after the switch is activated and the Px is the amount of response after the switch is activated.


I guess it may be better to think that compared to ZO;


Px 5 = ZO setting 1

Px 10 = ZO setting 2

Px 15 = ZO setting 3


Example Kx ++, Px 15 = ZO C3

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