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Finally got a good set with Zbox (CR/CS is the ticket)


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Upgrading my 2006 Malibu Response LXI to Zbox was super easy. Dialing it in is a whole different deal. Just like my experience with Stargazer I found that prior to entering the course the boat would surge: most of the time. Sometimes it would surge in the course and continue all the way to disengage. Long story short, I chased a bad ground issue and a sporadic depth finder alarm (that still triggers even though I've clipped the depth finder power wire from the ignition), but the fix, so far, was changing the CR/CS value from default (1600?). Initially, I ran the Auto Calc for CR/CS and it set it at 2450. This produced some great time checks with all perfect segments, but then it surged about 400 rpm mid course. I then spoke with PP and they recommended running about a 1940 value, but tune this by accelerating up to speed and pay attention to how the boat takes control. It should not accelerate or decelerate upon engagement. Ultimately I settled on 1910. I ran some speed checks and then skied 10 passes with never more than a +/- 02 split, but most were 00 one or two .01's.


Hope this helps someone.


Also, in my discussions with PP I asked if they would bring back their Pregate speed adjustment to match REV. R of ZO. I just got an email back saying they should have a rev. by January 2013.

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@scotchipman Look for my thread about the z-box and settings. I have an 07 Response in Colorado at elev 4646. Took some dialing in but not with the CR/CS values. Unless you have the correct ECM to support ZO it's going to cost a whole lot more for ZO. Another member at the lake put it in his (08 I think) and it was about 2.5K I think. He had to change out his ECM.
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@scotchipman This is the tables from my other thread (search for wonky) You want:


Normal 34,2 & below 15 30 31


I will look at the CR/CS values on Wed's but I think they are set at default 1910. I tried increasing them with auto set (They went to 2450) and SG never actually engaged 2 out of 3 times. So set them back to default. The only thing that fixed mine was the adjustment to the weight table.


Here's the table I adjusted for my SG (2012 software and z-box, but in all modes of operation, PP classic, z-box, SG with timing magnets or course mapped) to stop the boat racing away from B2 to B3.

orig B1 B3 B4 to exit

Feather 08 50 35

Light 08 50 35

Light 36.0 10 64 23

Normal 34,2 & below 08 50 31

Normal 36 10 64 23

Xtra large 08 64 35


new B1 B3 B4 to exit

Feather nobody here skis this

Light 15 32 35

Light 36.0 nobody here skis this

Normal 34,2 & below 15 30 31

Normal 36 nobody here skis this behind my boat

Xtra large 15 40 35

I had to work these with a skier behind since they seem to have no affect upon the no skier timing runs. It should be noted that the times with a skier behind did not change much but the pull between 2 and 3 was significantly smoother. ie In 32 mph didn't speed up to 35 and back down to 30 between the 2 and 3. Also the other SG boats out here do not have the new skier weight options so always have the correct skier weight in them so I cannot comment on any other boat. Sorry the table is hard to read I couln't figure out how to make it easier to see.

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