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Offseason Ski Tuning - +/-


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So last season my bindings were a bit behind the factory setting, happened to be that it was the only place the screw holes would line up.


So I milled the slots a bit longer the other night, and now I can get full to factory suggested position + some.


Would you:


A: Return to the settings from the summer, and start the season there, then move towards factory?


B: Set to factory and start the season fresh on those settings.


I also reset my fin to factory - RODEO!

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winter or the early spring is not the time to tweak. You want to tweak when you can feel what you have done

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  • Baller

What always happens to me is that once season starts, I don't remember to take the time and do the tweaks, by the time I am back to the lake I am on the boat, and don't bother changing anything. So I've had my bindings back from suggested for several seasons.


I think I'll leave the binding forwards, and keep the fin in place.

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