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Looking for a new ski


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Alright, so I have been thinking about getting a new ski for a while, but now I am actually planning on making a purchase soon. I am still a 15 off'er but I plan on improving quite a bit in the coming seasons by getting coaching, going to ski schools, getting in better shape .....etc. I want a ski that will pretty much take me as far as I can imagine getting in skiing for a long while, but I also want a ski that is forgiving enough to handle all the mistakes and imperfect form that a -15 skier like me has. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but if it will last me a long time and will improve my skiing, it might me worth it to me to spend a bit more than I planned. I am planning to switch skis because I am currently skiing on my dad's system 8 and I think it is about time I got my own.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated



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I can get a brand new x7 for 799 and a fusion for less on sia, so there isn't a whole lot of price difference there vs. a senate c type ski. What ski so you think that I would ski the best on now and in the future including the senate c, d3's, triumph and others that might come to mind?
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