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My Club, your sport, needs YOU!


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Hi All


As some of you may be aware my beloved club (Princes) if facing closure, we are gathering momentum on a last ditch effort to keep it open however it does relay on public support.

Please take the time out and sign the petition, Honestly it takes 15-30 seconds to fill out, email address zip/postcode.

The club has a long standing history and I know many of you have skied there or at least know people that ski there, (me being one of them).

We need as many people as possible to sign this, As skiers we all need to support our sport, please take the time out to do this.

I know BOS has the largest online skiing audience, My club needs all your help!


Thanks in advance.




Any problems please feel free to contact me.




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When it all comes down to dollars/pounds, you must think on those terms. How much is it going to sell for, and how much is it worth for skiing? Is it a viable operation or not? If it's not a viable private operation, meaning it can't make money on it's own, then government support/involvement as a public park could be the option. Good luck!
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