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Mapple 3rd


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Andy Mapple is 3rd after the prelims at the World Waterski Championships.


1st Marc Bedsole 6280

2nd Angel Francisco 5110

3rd Andy Mapple 5090


fyi This is from the trick event. Pretty impressive. It's been a long time since Andy skied a trick event.



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Anyone know for sure how long ago that video was from? My guess is close to 20 years. Maybe more. Someone who knows more about the Nautique boat might be able to say what year the boat is.

Still 5100 is a big score. Wonder if it included any flips.

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Add a flip and a SLB that would be my old trick run. Sure as hell can not do most of that crap anymore

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Pretty sure it is a 1985 SN pulling AM in the video. It is not '87 or newer because the bow vents were under the windshield '87-89. It is not an '82 because there are no side vents on the windshield. Also, '82-84 had painted stripes w/stenciled "Ski Nautique" in big bold letters (usually/almost always a triple stripe pattern).


This is either an '85 or '86 and the interior on the '86 engine cover only had 3 stripes (big center accented by 2 smaller stripes). Also, it looks like the stripe goes all the way to the rubrail about 3' from the transom but it is real hard to tell from the view in the video. However, it does look like it and the '85 was the only year it went up to the rubrail. '86-89 the stripe tapered up but did not go all the way to the rubrail and in '89 it did not taper at all.


Ryno, AM's shorts were pretty common in the trick world at the time. You'll see a lot of video from the '80s of Tory Baggiano and Cory Pickos wearing similar shorts (probably lots of others as well).

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