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HO Muse vs KD Power Carve - Help!


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Hi ya


I'm looking for some advice.


I'm a fairly new skier and looking to purchase my first ski. I'm planning to do 20% free skiing and 80% trying to learn the course! I'm being pointed in the direction on the KD Power Carve. I've had a go on it and it feels very stable and forgiving. Can anyone tell me how the HO Muse would compare, or happy to hear other suggestions?




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I bought a Power Carve for my wife several years ago. I think it was a mistake. She has developed a wake phobia where she prepares for the wake by stopping her pull before the first wake. Although there are other factors involved I think the width of the ski contributed to the problem. One of my old neighbors taught his wife to ski the course on a ski with a more traditional width but longer than recommended for her weight. Just my two cents, but I'm not a fan of the wide skis anymore. Have you considered a Radar Senate?
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Thanks for the reply.


Must admit I'd not considered any of the Radar skis because I thought they seems a bit advance for my level.


I learn to ski on my friends old HO traditional shaped ski (about 20 years old). That was a 67". I'm 5'3" and 9st4lbs so not sure if that was a bit too big? I was thinking maybe a 65" would be a better size. Also only mastered my deep water starts a couple of months ago. So I'm really am a novice!


Do you think learning on a traditional shaped ski would be better for my technique over a wider ski in the long run?

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