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Princes Club UK Will Close !

Stevie Boy

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After a many months of speculation, the staff have been told that, Princes Club UK, will close and cease trading as a water ski venue, rumours are that the site is likely to be sold as land, Princes Club UK was a Premiere Venue and has had a long history associated with Waterskiing in the UK, it is a sad day for Waterskiing in the UK, and for Waterskiing all over the world, many professional skiers have competed at Princes over the years, it will surely be missed.
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Princes Club London has been my second home for the last eight years. I feel emotional about the place. Maybe one day it will re-open as a ski club. Development restrictions mean you cant build on it. This sport needs TV coverage- simple. If we had that, there would be a load more people coming in to this sport. So come on anyone who works in media, do one thing to try and get it on TV. It used to be on Grandstand when I was a kid, so non skier friends my age have seen it and know something about it. Youngsters - nothing. Without TV, we cannot grow this sport we love.
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I am not sure if TV is the magic bullet but I am very sad to hear about Princes Club

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I’m under the impression that the current owner has a long term plan.

he suggests that its "for sale" and he is desperate to be rid of it due to the responsibility.

However every reasonable offer has been declined.

knowing what he paid for it and the current value is about a million out , he will approach the local council to state that it is a non profitable organisation. and under those grounds there is a clause/loop hole that overrides the planning/greenbelt issue. think its 3 years, sneaky......

he has the funds there to burn short term in order to build and turn profit long term.


it is a complete travesty to British skiing and has far reaching consequences. This should never of happened and I believe that this was avoidable. This is not the responsibility of just one person but a number of people and a tragic accident that didn’t help the situation.


I would agree that exposure of our sport is a serious problem, in that there is NO exposure.

The club was most busy when skiing was on TV, and I also remember as a child seeing it and being captivated. private lakes , early starts; take exposure behind closed curtains. cable skiing has blown up as the action is right there in front of you. not on some back lake hidden away.



I also don’t get why the FED didn’t snap it up for their national training site. I suspect that they A. don’t have the funds available to purchase. B. neither have the funds, resources or infrastructure to continue to run such a big site.



truly gutted to see the place slowly go down the pan and end up like this...


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Hey Londonskier, and all Princes club members and employees on BOS. I'm really sorry to hear this. I've been lucky enough to ski at Princes club several times over that past couple of years. The site is great, but the members and employee make the place amazing. Every time I went there I was treated like a long time club member, actually like a family member. I'm really going to miss you guys. This is a huge loss for the skiing community.
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