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Help me with my A1


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well... actually im just start to skiing again this year so i buy a second hand ski HO Syndicate A1..


often clear a pass 15 off in 28 mph and 30 mph 6 buoys


but last time my coach made an adjustment to my skis so he moved my bindings forward to maximum because he says my tip is high on 30 mph.. previously adjusment the binding was in the middle.. after i tried this settings it was really easy for braking at each buoys... but problem was im taking crash OTF on the last rookie tournament with that setting... especially after hitting the second wake. is that a problem from my position..?? or my binding adjustment..??


Also at my skiing level... should i take my wing off..?? when i bought that ski... the owner was set it to 7 degress..


do i need to take it off or not..??? i don't understand so please help me...

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Ok - best thing to do is post a video on here and people will be able to add a few more thoughts. Otherwise - I am not so sure I would necessarily agree that you need to put the bindings that far forward to correct the tip-lift. I suspect its more an issue with your position that is likely to cause the OTF crash.


Don't worry too much about the wing. I would personally leave it on for consistency and change other things first.

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  • Baller

I differ in that I would use a wing until you're at 34 mph 28 off at least. There is no need for it.


That said, what is the distance between the tail of the ski and the rear of the front binding? Holes mean nothing. Tell us distance first.


Guaranteed the OTF's are being caused by body position unless the binding distance is WAY too far forward. Tip too high is more than likely you with a straight front leg and bent back leg with butt dropped.

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