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One of the last record tournaments of the year at SRB.


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Coming up this weekend Oct 6-7 at Cory's one of the last record tournaments of the year or one of the first for the 13 ski year how ever one wants to look at it.

Boats available will be Malibu TXI 5.7, Nautique 200 CB 6 liter. Drivers : Chad Scott , Chris Eller and Jody Seal.

Still have a few entry slots open, come to the the Panhandle of Florida for a great event at one of the country's premier slalom sites.

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Well we filled up


Here is the skier list:


Mike Royal OM-V1 Dis


Dane M1

Diego S. ??

Rosario Petit B2

Kelly Breeden G2

Kyle Petit W2

Brenda???? W6

Dawn Goode W3

Michelle Seal W5

Brad Cox M3

Chris Eller M3

Jody Seal M5

Tynes Stringfellow M5

Reb Randolph M5

David Freygang M5


Geena Krueger OW

Hanna Edeback OW

Laura Lami OW

April Eller OW

Regina Jaquess OW



Jerry Jackson MM

Dave Goode MM

Jeff Surdej MM

Chad Scott MM

Chet Raley MM

Jay Leach MM


Tyler Scott OM

Matteo Luzzeri OM

Boris Laval OM

Daniel Odvarko OM

Chris Parrish OM


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