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Binding Position - Baselines?


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Has anyone done any comparisons of "back of binding" to "ankle center" position across binding types?

This is just something I was noticing switching some binding parts around the other night doing some "end of season cleaning"


If a Wiley boot has ~5/32"+2(1/8") overlays you have about .4" of material that you measure behind the heel as it were. Measuring a molded intuition liner and the thickness of the rear plastic on a hardshell I'm coming out about .3", which I suppose varies depending on the size of shell compared to your foot, and the size of liner (how much spare material there is during forming).


Likewise I would assume many individuals who wear a rubber high wrap have different ankle joint axis (AJA) inside the highwrap, fwd. backwards. Which means that the AJA varies within the boot, I would imagine significantly, particularly if you consider the foot "fits" by pressing forwards off the back of the heel of the bindings some distance.


So why do ski manufacturers do baselines to the back of the boot instead of center of ankle!


Thank you for your consideration(s).

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In the past I replaced an older obrien advantage binding with a newer HO one (just the front binding). I spent a lot of time lining up what I thought would be the center of the ankle of the new binding to where the old one was on the ski.


Couldn't get the ski to work to save my life... The conclusion I came to was that the new binding also had about half an inch thicker footbed than the obrien and that was changing the attitude of the ski.


After messing around with it for half a summer I couldn't get it to work and just sold the ski!


Long story short, there are a number of different variables between brand of binding that probably all play a part of how the ski rides...



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