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How a ski club works in Sweden


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For those who are interested in how a ski club can exist in Sweden.


Feel free to comment or ask questions.



Happy reading!



This i s a few words how our (any typical) sports club works in Sweden.

I consider clubs in Sweden is a bit special compared to many places I have visited in the rest of the world.


Here is our Club!


We have a some (rental) land from the state. It is not at market price but for sure not free.

Long time ago 1969 when the club started there was a special game (Bingo) that clubs could arrange to get some funds. This club was successful to get enough for a club house, a boat and a boat house.

However, most (I guess all) construction work was performed voluntarily by the members. It is the same today, all maintenance and improvements are done on a 100% voluntarily basis.

As in many clubs there are a few that really perform the bulk majority of the work (many thanks to them, they really deserves it).


We do not own the lake (it is a part of the big lake Mälaren) but we have the right to be here and also to gently ask others not to disturb.

This works mostly ok but some neighbors dislike the club due to waves and noise.

The club is not on closed land. In Sweden anybody has the legal right to tress pass, swim or visit your land. Even to put up a tent for one night when not to close to your house (not gardens but on the country side) so we get visitors every now and then.


There are usually no boat driver. Once you have been proven that you can drive and manage the boat you are supposed to help out driving others and they also should help you.

This is a some times a problem because you never know if you will get a driver that evening.


Gas cost a fortune in Sweden so every body must bring their own tank for each and every run (today it is $8,8/US gallon). There is a 'gas house' with personal labeled tanks with your name on it (everybody switch tank for every run).

Most member alternate with a few tanks.


Being a member in the club is reasonable cheap (type $100/year). You do not pay then for the boat per run you are expected to buy an unlimited season pass (type $400). 3 free runs with own gas is included.


Also many clubs in Sweden is sensitive to the weather so it is sometimes hard to get a 'full season' (at least for me).

The club have approximately 100 members but many is not so active.

People tend to be loyal to the club even if they do not make many (or no) visits per year.

I would guess there are about 35 that make more that 10 runs per summer.

Approx 10 are there more that 30 times.


Each year we are running events to get some extra income.

Normally there are business people that rent the whole place for an evening or a small group of friends.

Members will then arrange, clean and serve with equipment and drivers).


The club also arrange regular ski school camps for kids (2012 we had 4 camps with total 37 kids age approx 8-15).

This is in reality a cheap water ski school so why not send over some kids? =0)

The kids get a free membership for the rest of the season (we try to get new members).

Again everything is voluntary so coaches and drivers contribute with a few days each.


If you are still reading I suppose this was of some interest =0)

Why not present your 'skiing arrangements'?


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  • Baller


Your set up seems to be very similar to ours. Great that you have your 'own lake'.

Last week there was a boat trying to slalom and hit most boies (I would assume they where not sober).


Your fees seems to be slightly higher but you can at least hire for larger projects.

Our economy is so tight that we can in reality not hire for anything.


Lest hope we get more club presentations!



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