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What do you do with your course during the winter?


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We have a portable course that we have always removed completely with the exception of the anchors at each end. We're thinking about just removing the buoys and letting it sink this year, and reconnect them in the spring. I know a lot of people do it this way. We are in Canada so the lake will freeze. Has anybody ever had problems leaving their course in under the ice? What do you guys do with your courses over the winter?
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When I was up north where the lakes froze in the winter, we had success with both methods. For a while we would pull the whole thing, but after a few years we started just removing the balls.

Our course was in about 15 - 20 ft of water and we had sub bouys about 3ft under the water. Those stayed on and made it easy to get the course up in the spring.


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Accufloat. Take all the buoys off except the mid-arm buoys. Skier buoys first, then gates. It sinks with them on and less time to install next season. Almost 30-years now.



We run a stainless tracer cable hooked from the 55 diamond to the shore anchored in about 2 feet of water to a screw in anchor. We snap a tracer line with a buoy attached to it and pull the course up and go from there.

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In Sweden we get ice almost every year and nasty wind in the spring is hard on our dock etc.


Our course consist of steel pipes put down in the mud.

They end approx 5 feet under the surface.

The buoys are connected with a pice of elastic cord and then a pice of plastic chain (floating).

This is convenient when water surface level changes through out the summer or when replace a ball.

Just dive down ad move the carbine (carbine? snap-link?) a few inches.


We remove the buoys and store them indoors.

This design has been working for plus 25 years for the club.

We have measured the course a few times and it does not move at all.

But I have heard that such course can not be certified for higher level tournaments.


You might be able to see a the course on one film at our home page (not so thrilling home page):





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Hi mwetskier


Depends a bit on where in Sweden.

In south of Sweden they do not get ice every year.

In northern part the season is really short.

In Stockholm we usually have ice for three months.


Our club put the boat in the water late April or early May.

In early May the water is approx 45F (7C) but air can be ok.

From April there are a lot of light so that does not stop us from skiing at all.

In June water is normally 55-60 F.

In July we can get as much as 73 F for a few weeks.

In September the light is the main problem.

This week we get sunrise 06:50 and sunset 18:25....

We will take up the boat first or second week in October.

This week I managed to get 4 runs. A Semi Dry kept me warm (water 55F, Air 55F).

The main problem in the spring and autumn is the wind. Today we could not ski at all (18 Knots with waves rolling in).



End June we have the brightest day of the year. Sunrise type 02:30 and sunset 23:30.

(In the northern part the sun is continuously up for a few weeks).


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