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OW Diablo Shore Spreads


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Running Order


Jennifer LaPoint

Alison Poulson

Taylor Woosley

Delfina Cuglievan

Geena Krueger

Claire Welter

Kate Adriaensen

Makayla Haw

Nicole Arthur

Anais Amade

Karina Nowlan

Manon Costard

April Coble Eller

Karen Truelove

Breanne Dodd

Regina Jaquess


# of times 38 will be ran Saturday in the 2 round qualifier

Over 9 (-11)

Under 9 (-11)


Top score Saturday in the 2 round qualifier

Over .5 @ 41 off (-11)

Under .5 @ 41 off (-11)


Payout to correctly pick the OW Elite 8

Pick all 8 correctly (+75)

Pick all 8 correctly with correct seeding (+200)


Payout to correctly pick the OW Final 4

Pick all 4 correctly (+50)


Payout to correctly pick the OW Finals

Pick all 2 correctly (+25)


Open womens diablo champ will be

Regina Jaquess (-50)

The field (+30)


Best score Saturday

Regina Jaquess -5 buoys (-11)

Karina Nowlan + 5 buoys (-11)


Best score Saturday

Anais Amade even (-11)

Manon Costard even (-11)


Best score Saturday

Karen Truelove even (-11)

Breanne Dodd even (-11)


Best score Saturday

Kate Adrieansen -2 buoy (-11)

Makayla Haw +2 buoys (-11)


Best score Saturday

Delfina Cuglievan even (-11)

Genna Krueger even (-11)

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