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I learn from watching


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Posted under another thread, I watched Harald Hintringer ski 32-39 off. This one video did more for me than all of the talking to others and talking to myself I've done all year! Clearly I'm more of a visual learner. Let me explain. For example, I tell myself to be softer on the gate turn in, or to avoid nailing the boat in the middle of the wake, or to keep my handle tight after the second wake, to let my ski finish, etc. That works for about a day and then I can't seem to find the "feel" back again. Watching Harald it appears that he never really "pulls" on the line with much force. He turns the ski and just maintains his position. He's super smooth through the wakes and the edge change, keeps a tight line, hooks up smooth and does it again. For me, this was exactly what I needed to see because these are all things I've been telling myself all summer. I watched this before skiing this morning and it was extremely helpful.


What I learned on the water was that I need to maintain more speed prior to the gate turn in. I was previously getting up wide on the boat, but starting to lose speed as I turned in. The result was that the ski would sink in a bit, I'd lean away harder than needed, and the line was loaded. Today I skied with more speed at the turn in, and just turned the ski and hung on to the handle.


Results: Number one, it just plain felt better. So much easier to ski my passes. Started at 28 in a 12mph headwind with about 6-8 inch chop at the starting end. Ran 28, 32 tail, 35 head, 3 at 38 in the tail. Not much different than some other days, but much, much less effort. Stayed at 38 into the head and ran 4.5. Should have finished it, just couldn't believe how easy it was and at the five I went back to my old ways, dug the ski in and ended the pass (my wife/driver was beside herself!). Susan said it felt like a 28 (not normal for me!). She took me back to the headwind end and I ran 38 easily.


New plan: going to watch this video again as soon as I post this, and again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day until I drill it into my head that I can actually ski light, get scores as good or better than usual, and not have to expend so much energy!


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I ski with Harald and that video was taken back in the perfect pass days. In this video,..Harald had his ski fully turned in for the gates when the 1 ball was splitting the gate buoys which is very very early. With ZO, Harald was forced to widen up his gate pullout a bit and turn in a bit later also for the gates than what you see in this video.


Although his gate shot has changed a bit, ....his skiing style has not. This type of skiing is what Schnitz calls "nothingness skiing" because the skier does nothing,...no excessive leaning, dropping a hip, pulling. You won't see any excessive counter rotation because that would tend to turn the ski into to much angle. Actually Harald is attempting NOT TO LEAN as he finishes the turn.


As Harald finishes his turn all he attempts to do is to point his ski at the cross course target (approx. 20 feet before the next buoy), engage his core, Lock in, and go!!! This style of skiing is very core intensive and takes great handle control. Because Harald is skiing a very narrow/late/slower path cross course, he is forced to stay on the handle longer with both hands to maintain good outbound direction, width, and speed. Harald's arms are "locked" in a straight position, and his elbows are "locked to his vest".


-abs flexed/core engaged (as though someone is going to punch him in the stomach)

-chest out (whenever Harald gets late he never leans, he only sticks his chest out more)

-stand tall

-arms straight (locked and flexed straight)

-elbows locked to the vest

-hips up

-handle in the pocket

-comfortable lean


Harald's the Austrian Slalom record holder 1.5 @ 41off at 36mph / 2.5 @ 41off at 34mph




Here's a video of Harald's first set on the 66" MR ski. He was skiing on the 68" inch prior.

The 66" MR is almost identical to the 9900sl goode reg., but the MR has inserts. The 68" MR is almost identical to the Fischer (with inserts).


The MR skis are made in Austria by Harald's brother Manfred (M) and fellow skier Robert ®. Robert has won the world cable slalom on the MR. For more info on the MR ski call Harald at 561-346-9877



Here's me attempting to ski Harald's gate shot, having the ski fully turned in when the 1 ball spitting the gate buoys which is very difficult to do. My usual gates were a bit wider, 1 ball is just past the left gate buoy. (Harald's driving)



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@skiing2heaven -- thanks for the video posts and comments. Your 35 off looks mighty smooth! I just moved my bindings back from 29.3 DFT (68 inch Razor A flex) to 29. My logic was that the ski turns so well and I tend to get on the front anyway that perhaps it will run better through the finish of the turn (maintaining more speed like you or Harald) and not finish with a "stall and go". Skied a set of eight 35s yesterday in a nasty 15mph cross wind with it set like that and it felt pretty good, but hard to tell for sure in the wind.
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@razorskier1, it's great to watch skiers that are smooth as silk. They make it look so easy. If I could learn a fraction of that efficiency in a "A-Ha" moment, it would make me very happy. I agree that it is very helpful to watch high end skiers, and practice, practice.
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