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Dive gloves with kevlar palm?


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I'm picking up a drysuit for the first time and looking at some options for gloves. I've seen some threads with lots of helpful suggestions, normal gloves over dish/nitrile gloves over kevlar liners, some kind of silicone over the backs of the fingers to help wind chill, hot water when you can get it, etc.


I was curious if anybody had tried dive gloves that have kevlar palms and if they're worth it/strong enough for skiing in cold water/air. If so would you go for a 3mm or 5mm? I'd guess 5mm would be a bit too bulky but are probably a good bit warmer.


Something like:





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They don't quite have the support of regular ski gloves but they do work. You have to grip the handle a little tighter since they are not pre-curved, but ran 6 passes not problem. Your hands

get a little fatiqued...but that could have been from skiing less often in winter and dry suit drag.

Our dry suit season is pretty short, so I spent $20 at the local sporting store, filled them with warm water before I skiied and was fine.

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