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Wiley's Drysuit


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Hi Jedgell


I do not have som much experince in modern dry suites.

A small question, have you consider a semi dry?

I use a semi dry NPX with an additional thin first layer hoodshorty (Ascan).

With this setup I can ski 2 long sets comfortably (well resoanble comfortable) down to 43 F.

I use also thin socks in my Radar Vector bindings when it is cold.

The Semi Dry is also resonable smooth to ski in.


Best luck



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@tfriess, I gotta disagree depending on intended use (I own one of those, too). It is the most dry suit you will EVER find but the seals are uncomfortably tight, the ankle set up is tough to get off once on, and it's bulky...I feel it on hole shots and no lie it takes 20 lbs extra on PP to get times if I wear it due to air drag. It is great, though, for swimming the length of a course you leave on the bottom each year right after ice out. I wear tons of layers underneath and keep a little air in it to hand over hand the course up to the guy in the boat to attach buoys/magnets.
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