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D3 T Factor


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I have a 13B and using a XL. The larges were hurting my front foot on the sides near the front of the boot. So I went with XL and they feel a little loose before I tighten the laces. I don't tighten the rear laces real tight. The front I snug down pretty good. Be careful, I've pulled the buckles apart a couple times - luckily the parts didn't fall out of my hand and was about to just snap the two parts back together. Also leave a little loop of lace out of buckle. Sucks having to take your gloves off to get the lace away from the buckle to pull it.
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Hi there, @MickeyThompson!


I also have a 9.1/2 and I also bought a T Factor last summer, I use it with a RTP behind on a 66" X7. I bought an L, but couldn't try the M so couldn't tell you if there is a big gap? Imo the T Factor doesn't need to be ridden to tight.


I feel comfortable, and have felt that way right-away. I do not tense the laces too much, actually I only bring the little plastic thing to about 1/8 of an inch to touching the boot, and even I sometimes un-tighten it in between passes inside one given set. The boot is pretty stiff on the sides so it naturally holds your foot quiet well I feel. (Although it allows for front / back movement)


As far as security is concerned, I tend to take skiing smoothly and haven't had any big big crashes this year apart from one weird "HOOOLD IT RIGHT THERE SOLDIER" going to an offside Buoy 28off 34mph, my ski kinda sunk, and I just stopped and did a front flip with the ski and everything it was actually almost fun, except for the part where I saw the handle going underneath me... That's never something you want....

Anyways, my foot didn't come out, now it wasn't really an OTF fall as much as an "out upwards" so I guess I just lifted the whole ski with the binding and flipped. But still I believe when it comes to crashes you either want "everything out" or "everything stays put". I had both feet stay in place so I can't complain, but again, I don't crash that often, so this is just my little experience.


Hope this helps?


One thing I can say Is that when I purchased the T factor, I also bought a leverage Front Boot size L for my other ski (KD 7000), and I felt like the leverage was 3 sizes smaller than the T Factor. To this day I still have issues getting inside my leverage boot with 1 gallon of soap, whereas the front-lace system in the T Factor allows for an easy entry with a little spray of soap.

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The T-factor often starts out feeling very tight, especially the front foot. But M may be too small. I have a narrow 11 and am quite comfortable in the L. If you're a wide 9.5, I think L would be the way to go. Narrow 9.5 maybe could be M.


Details of my expeience and thoughts on the boot can be found here:




I still love 'em, but the durability is not amazing -- had to replace some parts this year which is mildly challenging.

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