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Neep Help - Looking for info for beginners.


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There's been a lot of new member lately that are beginners. I suggested to @Horton that it would be nice to have a Must Read Article list section for beginners. Horton thought as I did it was a good idea but he didn't have time in the near future to do it. So this a chance for you Ballers to give back and help Horton out. This would be info for someone just getting into the course or even just learning how to slalom.


What I'm looking for:

1) BOS thread links

2) Youtube video links are similar

3) Online articles

4) DVD's

5) Anything else that would benefit a beginner skier




Leverage Position: A massive treatise for 15 offers - I start with the @than_bogan article.


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Information on driving is real important. Here's three links. Hopefully they still work.






In addition, info on driving public water would be helpful. Such as boat paths, cooperating with another boat in limited water, and how to approach and move around a course with the least amount of impact. Even how to not trash the entire lake when free skiing.

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A beginners experience in this world of pros!

(For what it is worth)



I am 54 and started skiing 2 seasons ago (approx 80 sets, mainly in Sweden).

Went on a 4 days full coaching in Italy last week.

Have managed the cores 5 times at 26 mph.

Running a Theory 67" with double Vector.


This was what I learned in Italy.



Position yourself a bit outside the wake in order to see the boat gate and the gate.

Make a pull out early and outside of the buoyancy line.

During the pull out keep your eyes on the gate. This will secure a better body position.

(I always fails when I forget to look at the gate).


Focus on the pull. Keep elbows tight to the body and feel the pull in the back arm (every turn!)

This again will secure a better body position.


After second wake start to turn, to shift edge.



Shadow the boies. Turn on the inside the boies in order to get a good rhythm.

This will help in getting correct amount of pull out and also to get an early edge change.

Also there will be 6 turns each passage.


Make your final pull out to the difficult side (more training here)


Start to take the bois from the end (6, 6+5, 6+5+4)

When this works add 1 (1+6, 1+5+6 etc)




A coach is worth every penny!


I would most likely have learned faster on a Radar P6.


Do not get stressed by the bois, Let it take some time.


(Can I attach a film clip ~46 mb?)


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Why do I think I would have learned faster on the P6 than the Theory?

-The coach told me so =0)

-The P6 is more forgiving and the to grasp feeling of a more correct position and timing would most likely have got me faster into the course.


Maybe this is not true but I start to get the impression that some skiers seem to go for more advanced skis then they really need (it is for sure true for alpine skiers).

Even the P6 is a great ski capable of short line skiing...




Yes you are right. I have been skiing some before.

But only on big or old skis with small engines on open choppy water.

Not many minutes per season and not every season either.

So I count my skiing start to be with my Radar, using a real ski boat with an educated driver in a club.


For example I did not got up more than 50% of the starts on the Radar in the beginning.

(I do not know why but I have always started with both feet's in the binding even when using an RTP?!? Nowadays I seldom miss a start)


I ski a lot alpine, I guess this maybe help a bit as well?



Thanks for reading!

I hope it will be of help for some body out there!



Gd night





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Just when you think you are getting the "leveraged position", take video of yourself!


trust me there is probably a lot of room for improvement even though it is starting to feel right.


Get instruction from a pro/coach, and if one doesnt work for you try a different one. Sometimes all it takes is the same instructions but worded differently for it to click for you.

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