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Wanted - Goode Traditional size, 65.75, 165 amp, RFF


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Darnit Than! Yea, I like my mid Nano, pretty stable ski. I ski very smooth on it. But after riding a Nano One and a Traditional Nano, I want to go back to the traditional shape. The Nano One did not work for me, just too much work, loved the turns tho.


The traditional width may not be as stable, but it has a more "race car" feel. I think it may be able to take me further. I was on the 9900 sl just like like you but sold it after buying my mid. I would like it back.

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  • Baller

I gotta agree on the racecar feel.


The only thing that I don't like about the Nano One is that I don't FEEL like I'm going as fast, accelerating as hard, etc.


I'm running more buoys, and (unlike you) I'm working even less for it, but the extreme stability and semi-automatic turning almost seem to take some of the thrill away!

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