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Is this a ski lake?


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Awhile back coming home from my club I noticed a tree line very indicative of a ski lake. I looked it up on google earth and it apperars it may be a ski lake. Its a bit odd, and short but has the potential. I don't know why I care, just curious I guess.


38°49'6.94"N 121°28'33.11"W

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  • Baller

Might be. Looks like a tournament boat parked by the barn.


Check out: 38.829359°, -121.464445, which is just northeast of the lake you were asking about. Two dry lakes just south of Pleasant Oak. I wonder who dug those then never filled them? If you could buy that land there're two lakes just waiting to be filled, unless of course there is no water supply, or the lakes leak, or they don't have a use permit, or.....

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