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Ski Nautique 200 5.7 vs 6 Liter


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My ski partner is looking to upgrade his 196 to a 200CB and was asking if he should go with the 6 Liter l have the 5.7 in mine and no one in the area including the dealer as a 6 to try.


This boat will be used only for slalom 34 mph and 28-38 off course sking in a man made lake. He's 185 lbs. we read that all boats at nationals were 6L so now that might be the way to go???


How is the pull on the 5.7 vs 6? he is not worried about gas mileage or high rpms. Just wants the BEST pull!!!




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  • Baller_

The best Pull? You will get a thousand answers to that.


Yes their is starting to be a 6liter following with the 200 Nautiques.

I like the 6 liter because for us we feel it betters the boat as whole. 50 mph top speed, lower RPMs at slalom speeds and the availability of a higher amount torque that can be better put to the propeller, this may also relate to why the 6 liters (to a lot of skiers) ski better or have a" better pull " then that of the 5.7. I have skied a number of 5.7's this past summer and after skiing with mine I find them a bit too soft in my pull zone but have a tendency to give me that old ZO zoom off the second wake.

Yes all the 200's but the 2 trick boats at the Natonals were 6 liters.

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  • Baller

I have a 6L in my 2011 Team 200, and my ski partner has the 5.7L in his 2012. There is a lot of difference between the two boats. First thing I noticed is at idle with the 5.7, you can feel the boat vibrate, where the 6L is smooth and quiet...In the course, the 5.7 cycles RPM up and down with ZO, but the 6L never does.. The difference in power pulling a skier out of the water is tremendous. I have to use FULL throttle with the 5.7 and only about 1/3rd power with the 6L...The 6L also runs at lower RPM in the course, and burns less fuel.


As far as pull goes, the 6L is definitely stronger and very consistent. I use C-2, and feel the 6 gives better cast out from the edge change.


Overall, they are both great boats, and the wakes feel the same. I skied with Andy Mapple who talked me into the 6L before ordering my boat, and I am really glad I made that decision.

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