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2012 What is in your bag?


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  • Baller

65.5" Elite

Two Radar Stradas with heat-molded Intuition liners on top of Zapz footbeds

Goode PowerVest with molded back plate

Goode PowerGrip gloves (with dowel)

Masterline Radius Custom handle

Masterline Pro Mainline rope

Custom cut palm-guards

floaty safety glasses

GoPro HD Hero II.

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  • Administrators

67.5 S2 for the moment. 2 or 3 other skis are trying to get in there soon...

Eagle Baller Vest

US Gear Pro V handle

HO Tail 41 Gloves

Radar Strada Bindings

Glove liners I stole from someone

Oakely Trunks

Bomber floating glasses

California Ski Ranch ★ Denali ★ DryRobe ★ Goode ★ KD Skis★ 

MasterCraft ★ MasterLine ★ PerfSki ★ Radar ★ Reflex★ S Lines ★ Stokes


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  • Baller

HO A1 68.75

Masterline Pro-locks

In-tow 13x1 handle

O'Neill Gooru vest

O'Neill, Hurley or Quicksilver boardies.


I do have a Goode Fire Mid that should arrive on Monday but it may be a couple of weeks before I get it on the water.

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  • Baller

65.5" Elite w/Goode powershells

masterline pro mainline and 13' 1.125 handle

2- pairs Radar RS-1 gloves with boa

2- pairs glove liners

2- pairs Billabong shorts

2- pairs Intuition liners

1- Billabong rash gaurd

2- Oneill vests

1- towel




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  • Baller

At the moment a

65.5 Elite

Reflex & Radar RTP

Eagle 1 Vest

MasterLine Custom 12" .940 Handle

MasterLine Kevlar gloves

MasterLine Slide Loop knotless rope

69 Slam boardies

Some tools, calipers that sort of thing


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  • Baller_

Sport tube as travel bag

66.5 S2

Home brew Hardshells

Straightline vest (found one...finally)

Radar Vice gloves

Back brace (old man)

Shades with float strap

usual fin tinker tools

ML curved handle

Mesh backpack for gear

Fin Firkin fin protector (PCV formed and awesome)

neo sleeve

short rash guard shirt

Billabong stretchy board shorts

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67 HO CO SL X (2011)

Frankien Fogmans

66.5 S2 (2012)

Pro Locks (2 pr)

Kevlar glove liners (2 pr..are they really made from that stuff..seem like cotton)

US Gear 12" Tourney style handle (just got it and love it)

roll of white athletic tape

UGP boardies

Hyperlite pull over vest

some rash top long sleeve (just showed up in there one day?)

extra Intuition boot liners (keep trying them for comfort..too stiff)


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  • Baller

66" Blue Fischer - Radar Vector with rtp

Calipers, ez fin tool + bits & bobs

Macwet gloves

ML Handle

Liberty Hydro glasses (because I'm blind as a bat)

Nineplus wetsuits

Hat, jacket, old pair of snowboard pants for in between skis (usually wet&cold in UK)

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  • Baller

Sport tube as travel bag

New this year :66.5 A2

2011 Strada front, HO RTP

Eagle Vest

Masterline k-palms

ML custom 13' straight handle

quicksilver boardies

oneill heater top

new this year : Neil Pryde drysuit (for the fall)

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96" MasterLine 3 Event Bag

93" Goodman Stiffy Longboards (2002's)

Wiley Super Jumps

MasterLine jump rope with MasterLine handle

Wet Tech Jump Suit

Hot Frog sling

StraightLine Rocket Gloves

2 Knee Braces

Think Helmet

Camaro Speed Suit

Faztr Speed Suit

Moto Cross neck collar

2 xtra jump fins


Murdock Binding lube

Advil LiquiGels


Obrien 44" trick ski

Kidder 43" trick ski

Old ProLine handle


rope release

Advil LiquiGels


HO A-2 66.5"

D-3 T-Factor Front (L)

HO Animal Rear (XL)

MasterLine Rope

Rod Barney Handle (Curved)

41 Tail Gloves (L)

Eagle Back Zip Vest (red and White)

Advil LiquiGels and a Smirnoff miniature

3 Pr. O'Neill HyperFreak 4 way stretch Board shorts (34)

LT (Lucky Towel)

Rope to tie bag to roof.


Weight: 83 Lbs. (dry)


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  • Baller

68" 2008 D3 Nomad RCX with Leverage bindings

old gloves

Oneill USCG vest

Dr. Bronner's soap


Below is my previous answer, which is what lives in the boat. But the above is the stuff that is important enough to stay in the bag.


Ski? D3 Nomad RCX - 68"

Bindings? D3 Leverage, with some parts replaced yesterday, more to be replaced soon.

Vest? USCG Oneill

Gloves? Old ripped up Nevin prowraps that have to be replaced.

Rope? old straightline

Handle? same

Bag? Overton's generic

Ski Sock? none

Calipers? need to order one.

Trunks? Volcom

Also in the boat, my 66" Duvall 900s, and my 65" Kidder Redline, plus a bunch of old gloves, vests, etc. that need to be cleaned


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  • Baller


Masterline ProCurve gloves

Masterline Rope

Accurate Handle (soon to be the newest Radar handle...)

08 HO Monza

10 Radar RS-1 Boots

Moomba Mobius LS (at least it's a directdrive)


When Footing:

Iron Shorts

Barefoot Int'l wetsuit (sleeve-less)

Mike Seipel Handle with toe hold

Barefoot Internation Boom

Barefoot longline (as needed)

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