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S2 Vs CoX SL


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Ok thinking a bit out loud here but.....


Skiing on a 2000 CDX-1 at the moment. Was happily running 22 about 8 years back when we got to ski at least once weekly.

A good week was one when we got out on 3 days. Best I achived was 4@28.


Once or twice a fortnight has been the agenda for the last couple of years but hoping that is changing this coming Aussie Summer.


My CDX is 66" & I range from 155lb super fit to about 180 when fat. When I get up near 180 it feels too small & boggy.


At the beginning of last season I got to try an S1 & a CoX SL. Was so early in the season that 15off was a stretch @ 32.


Liked both, with the S1 feeling just slightly less forgiving.


BUT..... Both just felt that little bit too big, they were both 67". (Were skis a heavier friend had borrowed).


From other experience I think a 65" CoX would feel too small (based trying a Nitro & a NOS).


So does it sound like the wrong choice to be looking to a 66.5" S2?


Where we are it's more or less a case of "You can try it. But then you must Buy it."


Don't have the @Horton Luxury of getting to "Un-box" & return lots of skis.










Notice the CoX Sizes are in 2" increments while the S2 is in 1".

Sorta got a gut feeling a 66" CoX SL would be the size that would feel great if it existed.


Was also at the heavier end of my scale when I jumped on both 67" skis.

Times I jumed on the Nitro & NOS I was closer to my lower weight.

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The 67.5 S2 would be too big for sure. The 66.5 is in my mind a 67. The 1/2 inch thing.... don't get me started. If the COX comes in a 67 that would also be fine. At your level I would save the $ and go with the COX SL

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What @Horton said. And the CoXsl comes in a 67. I'm 170-180 and rode the CoX in a 67-perfect and currently ride S2 66.5 also good fit. CoX is a great ski. It will make all your lines feel sooooo much easier.
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Issue at the time I noticed was that both 67's felt big, especially when I jumped back on the CDX-1.

At the time I could have easily dropped about 3 kg's, so perception would increase.


I know there's more than just length to how big the ski feels, it's just that both felt TOO BIG & that going back to a 65 would seem way too small as it seems a huge jump.


Regardless of length's it' just the more finer incremental size options in the S2 that I'm wondering about.


IE More appropriately sized S2 Vs CoX that seems too big.


Don't really worry much about price difference, $870 & $1170 down here for blanks. So $300, which is a couple of weeks fuel, usually end up staying on them for too many years, co cost difference rounds out.


Seems from a quick look that there's a bigger price spread over there.

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@Phil2360 Where in Aus are you???? Most HO dealers in Aus should be offered skis to purchase at a reduced rate to use as Demos. AND Sports Image (Aussie distributor) also have a range of Demo skis that dealers can get hold of to run Demo Days. Radar do a similar program as well, Senate C is a good option too.

As for the 2 skis, I've been on S2 66.5" for a little over 12 months and have not had a single issue with it, VERY user freindly ski and am similar weight to you. Typically we do not get the high water temps that others post on here get which could be the reason the 67's felt big IMHO. Have aslo seen plenty of people on CoX SL and seems to be a sweet ride as well, I'm also a big believer of you will adapt and get used to what you ride, i.e. pretty sure there is not a bad ski on the market!

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NNSW @DUSkier, you? Spoke to a few dealers yesterday. Stock is a bit thin at the moment with most.


Did also get a mention that there will be no more CoX SL's come August, when the new range is annouced.


Dunno in you've heard mention of new models yet @Horton?

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@Phil2360 Mildura VIC. Am sure that I saw the CoX SL in the 2013 Catalouge?????? Typically skis do not make it here until Oct Nov. I'll do a little more checking on 2013 models this week. The other option you have is to find a dealer with last years model that you may get a deal on.
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