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Loctite inserts?


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I´ve always used Loctite (make sure to use the kind that don´t need heating to unscrew) and had no problem with inserts breaking loose or any other visible core damage (i.e ski breakage).

Have no idea about chemical reactions though, maybe someone else knows for sure?

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@Swerveit I've had blue Loctite hold hard enough to back an insert out of the ski. If you are still a bit concerned about backing out inserts, Loctite offers a lower strength product than the medium strength blue found everywhere. Loctite 222 purple is rated as "low strength" and it works just fine for keeping binding screws snug.


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I was going to suggest thread tape too. Can aldo be twisted up into a single strand

& poked in the hole.


"When I was a boy!" My tech drawing instruments kept coming unscrewed.

Tried this new Loctite stuff on the screws...... 262!

Never came undone again!

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