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Binding mounting? Little slot...


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I am putting T-factors on my ski, my question is.

There is a little slot on the plate behind the horse shoe, it looks

like its for a tape. Should I use that or go to the back of the boot??

I cant find any info on the D3 web site.


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  • Baller

T-factors are pretty different, depending on what you came from. It took me a while to figure them out, but I love them now. Amazing combination of forgiveness in the turn with edge holding when you need it.


But if you also changed skis, then expect some pain for a while. Changing either one is tough; changing both is completely disorienting.

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Than I put the T-Factors on my old ski for a week before trying my new ski.

I skied good on them asap. But the new ski is no fun.

It has to be me,

I was hopping I would have a little better start with a new ski, but i,m going backwards.

I read your post about the T-Factors and that helped pick them.

I Will go back to basics tomorrow am.

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I used the rubber above the horseshoe.


Than B

Went back to basics this am, 15 and 22 are fun,

28 is not.. I went from running 32off, to killing myself at 28.

That 32off was on a 17 year old Connelly concept. I liked

that ski, but I was stuck on it. My best was 2@38, that was back 1999 or 2000. I kinda got out of skiing for 10/11 yrs and started up last Sept. Like I said before, Im doing somthing wrong. My 28s and 32s were not that nice on the Connelly this year. I was trying to clean them up when I got the new ski.

I ski only with my 13 yo son,so its hard to have someone tell me

what im doing worng. Time will tell.




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Yes Friday was my first day on it.

8 sets on it as of this am.

I have not checked the setting. I hate to say it but

my only calipers are in work and I was off last week.

I never touched my old ski so fin settings will be new to me.

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