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Connelly Stealth Boots


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Honestly I sort of dropped the ball on this review. The Connelly Stealth Boots only fit on a 2012 Connelly & I have been in the middle of one ski review or another all season. See my review of the exact same ski from last year. http://www.ballofspray.com/forum#/discussion/3976/2012-connelly-prophecy-review


Changing bindings might be a bigger deal than changing skis. Yesterday I went out and rode my last years Prophecy (old bindings) for two sets. The first set was a mess and the second set was fun as heck. This morning I took one set with the old bindings and then one set on a new ski with the Stealth bindings.


I had tried these bindings once before and found them too stiff front to back. As per advise from a friend who rides Connelly I removed the carbon fiber tongue to try again. With the tongue removed I like them a lot better. These are high end bindings for high end skiers.


Here are my thoughts.

They are very well made.

The Fogman plate and release system is well engineered and proven

They are very comfortable. I wear a 10 1/2 shoe and the 10 Stealth binding was great.

They are still a little stiff front to back but once I got my head around it I skied fine.

It would take a number of sets to get totally comfortable and then I think they would be awesome.

They are a pain to get off. I need to get on the swim step to get out of them. As an old guy this gets old really fast.



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