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My Sunday skiing


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I woke up at 730 to some bad weather and said IM GOING TO DAEJEON 4 HOURS AWAY. 4 hours later im at a new lake. Stunning. Closed by mountains no wind, perfect size for skiing and a forgiving shore that calms a wake immediately. Dude wanted 20 bucks for two passes on the course. I almost slapped him. I free skied like a pro. I got so wide it made your momma felt thin and i closed that gap so well David letterman and Flea's orthodontists were taking notes. Emmit Brown was wondering where I got the 1.21 gigawatts of power. I said it was 1.23. Kanye west even wanted to remix his song Power and feature me in the video... but i fell 4 times and i never fall more than 2..Pack up and went back to the home lake.


3 hours later im tired and gassed. I barely ate a full meal and i had been on my bike for six hours. Ah what the heck one more time. Im sick of free skiing and i wanted to do the course. I told my driver 16 meters. He was like "sucka what did you say? you cant even run the course at 18 how ya gonna do it at 16?" i didnt care I'd been free skiing 16m like a machine. Id try not to fall. Get around 3 balls ok and almost got the fourth. Not too bad. Then the Deion Sanders on my shoulder said "c'mon baaaaby you got this" next pass i rocked it like a hurricane. My driver, who pulls 100 people a day, had to give me a hell yea with his fist up.


Can i do it twice? ive only ever done a full pass twice at 15 off at 52kph. First four balls went well fifth was ugly and i pulled like a teenager to get to six. I didnt think id make but i got there. Not only did i get the buoy i made a perfect triangular apex of a turn theb recovered like an alcoholic to make it through the gates. Sick. It was so sick the ambulance was there on the dock waiting foe me and the CDC was on its way to quarantine the area. It was so awesome that north korean intelligence found out about my walls of water and have to redo their war strategy as they have nothing to break through. It was so awesome that Nas and Jay-Z are going their next albums Skimatic and The Skimatic.


After the korean honeys could resistant insisted on pictures. Then i went for some dinner and pounded down 600grams of pork like a boss. Thats how we roll south of Seoul. B

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