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Big Dawg Webcast Details


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We are planning on webcasting the Big Dawg Texas Stop this weekend. The primary focus will be the finals on Sunday with the broadcast starting around 9:30 CDT (10:30 EDT). The goal is to provide a high quality product with streams for the PC and Mobile/iPhone. We will be using a new system with multiple camera capabilities and some replay functionality. We also hope to have a wireless feed from the boat (assuming our wireless systems and the 105degree Texas heat decide to get along). We also have a new webcasting service provider. Their system includes some DVR functionality and I believe it will save the webcast for later viewing.


Saturday will be more of a hit or miss day. I am one of the appointed judges and will have times of the day where the system will be a broadcast from a single camera. We will also be using it to work out the kinks.


If there are any Ballers out there planning on being in Cypress interested in helping out, just reply here or shoot an email to kelvin at sportpixusa dot net.


Here is the link for the webcast:




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Well, I had what appeared to be a live feed when I clicked on Kelvin's link this morning, but once I actually logged in to livestream, it shows me this event doesn't start until 10:30 EDT tomorrow! What gives? And what happened to my picture I had earlier?
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Marc Shaw has nice results spreadsheet that he updates during the event. MarcShaw.net there are 2 sheets - one with round 1 scores and 1 with Sunday's bracket.


Great skiing today despite the rain. There was a 5 way run-off for final 3 spots. Cold 38s.

Joe McCreary - 5@38

Jeff Kepchia - 3@39 and rolled onto the shore

Tim Huston - 4@39

Bruce Dodd - 2.5@38

Mike Dehlinger 2.5@39


Favret missed handle in round 1to score 1.5 @ 35. He had to beat 1 @41 to get into 16 so he made 1.5.


Matt Brown did not ski round 2, he was in 16 with 2@ 41.

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