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Big Thank you to Minnesota Ballers


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After posting on here back in January enquiring about a trip to the USA to look at farming practices and get some skiing in, we flew out on the 10 June from the UK to Minnesota. I never expected to have such an amazing time and meet some great skiers and now friends. I would like to thank everyone who let me ski at their lake which was fantastic and kind of you all.

A huge thank you to Dave and Jim Ross (@6balls & Razorskier1) and family and Bob (@cowtipperguy) for looking after us while we were there. Bob and Dave were brilliant, taking time off to show me around the farms/local area and allowing me to ride a Harley and skiing their local "The Swamp". The whole trip was amazing and I look forward to seeing them in the UK in the near future ! (with plenty of gin/pimms ready)


Thanks to Horton for BallsofSpray otherwise I would have never met the MN Ballers.


Spot the Brit in the Photo !





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Thanks @Horton for another "baller" connection not othewise likely.

@Razorkskier1 and family, thanks for the help hosting at your place and the ski pulls there and New Germany. @cowtipperguy, excellent work helping get them to 6 courses on 6 lakes, to the farms and out on the Harleys! @Andyb and Lorna, fantastic meeting you both and we had a great time. Anne is missing Lorna! It actually feels strange to no longer have you two around, but as a result my liver is recovering from the Pimms and Gin assault : ) Here's to new friends! Anne is already trying to figure out a trip to the U.K.

In the photo...I can spot the Brit...but who is the guy who's "lit"?


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