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How do you ski 36 mph like 34 mph.


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So I can run 34 MPH at least 90% of the time now, but still haven't run 36 mph. I never get pulled up out of the ball or feel like the boat is a freight train at this speed. I made a revalation the other day that I was trying too hard and too early, so I started pulling softer and more behind the boat. Is this the right road to head down? Because before I started that I was getting either pulled up out of the ball or was compressing so that I was like sitting on the ski before I got to 2.


Also I keep missing the gates late, I have a slightly short setup some days depending what lake I get on and its hard to pull out any earlier, I am thinking that I will try to make my pull out a little less wide, maybe just inside the buoy line a foot. Will this be a step in the right direction?


on a 68" RS1, B1 ZO letter, not sure of wing or fin settings, but I would say it probably has a 8° Wing on it.


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@kfennell 15off I would assume?

post some video!


What I always tell people who are working 15 off.

How long is a rope at 15off? 60 feet

How wide is the buoy from the center? 37.7ft

Now some quick math. 60-37.7=22.3ft

So get at least 15 feet wide on the buoy line when turning into the gates, more with, more swing will result in an easier way to navigate the course. You should be turing way outside the buoy line not right at the ball. 15 feet wide may be a little far but it is something to push for. I see way to many people starting in the longer line lengths who are starting their turn in from less than buoy with. How are you going to get back to the buoy line if you don't start from the buoy line.

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agree with Killer, as wide as the buoy line is good, at 15, 5 feet wide is OK, 15 feet wide is too much. You want to learn an early edge change (at 15 it starts at the 2st wake), ski early, not too wide, ski easy, resist don't pull. Take the natural line that 15 gives you, which will keep you behind the boat, if skied easy 15 is a cakewalk at 34 or 36. see this



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