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HO S2, might have learned something today about this ski!


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We are going into the fifth week on this ski. Have been trying to get back to good skiing mechanics and posture and all that good stuff. All the while, have been riding this ski at speeds from 28 to 34 mph at 15 off. None of the passes were looking good to me. However, we chose this ski because it looked to be the best fit and the most potential. Tried something different today.

We slowed the boat down a bit and started running some 22 offs. Boom, the ski and skier is looking like a totally different skier. Ski coming around nice attaining angle all the way through the wakes, tight line, and skiing way upcourse. What I may have learned is that this ski is more of a shortline ski and more suited for skiers who start at 28 off and shorter. But, it also looked much better at 22 off than 15off. Horton has helped alot and I have returned to stock fin settings with the front binding being about 1/8th forward of stock.

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